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There are blatantly obvious reasons why someone looking to buy or sell property should do under the guidance of a real estate agent. Despite living in a time where folk turn to google to diagnose themselves with the most deadliest of diseases, the real estate industry yet holds secret powers that Google won’t find for you. Read about still really obvious reasons the real estate agent should be your first stop when approaching the market. 


You probably wouldn’t want to perform your own coronary artery bypass grafting? Even if you ran a detailed google search, and outlined a step by step picture diagram for the surgery? If the answer is still no, then you probably wouldn’t want to take on the interconnected business of real estate. Though it’s no heart surgery, we’re not exactly comparing apples and oranges here. Whether you’re buying or selling, a good real estate agent is a licensed professional, who knows what he or she is doing. He can get things moving much much quicker than if you were at home, simply posting a craigslist ad with fingers crossed. He comes with a network of necessary resources only those behind the business are privy to. A real estate agent has that inside scoop on the market; he knows all about those secret houses that haven’t been listed, and he’s good for connecting you to other clientele about buying. His in depth knowledge of the neighborhood becomes a drawing point when he’s working for you, and is ultimately a better search engine than Google itself.


Who doesn’t like a good bang for their buck? When hiring a good real estate agent, you’re most likely to get the most accurate deal for a property. These are the best negotiators around when it comes to selling and buying, as it is the agent who speaks the language of the business. While you may wind up shortchanging yourself at either end of the stick—whether you’re the buyer who’s being charged above market supply, demand, and the conditions—or the seller, pricing under the just due cost—rest assured that the agent will get the client the right price. Typically, the right agent will impact your financial outcome by 20 percent.


There’s plenty of work involved in selling a home or buying one; from paperwork to research and negotiations to appointments. In fact, by the end of the day, you may feel like you’ve worked a full-time job. The agent is an excellent buffer. Why entertain the distress of unpromising buyers, when the real estate agent can do his job by weeding out potential spam. Allow the agent to present the client’s case and interest to the best of his abilities, and carefully handle those 10+ pages of agreements and thick disclosures where a tiny mistake could land you in court or cost you thousands of dollars.


Another obvious reason you should hire a real estate agent is because you don’t have a clue what you’re doing when it comes to this whole seller or buyer process? You don’t know where to start, who to call, how to get in contact with buyers, or how to handle the paperwork. You might be stumped after a smooth transaction, and now you’re left with questions that need answering. Maybe you’re a first time buyer, or perhaps you’ve never sold a property before; the real estate agent is here to solve any of these concerns and does so with expertness. A good real estate agent will be there throughout the entire process and thereafter, ready to help solve any qualms that arise.




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