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Chicago Rental High Rises With The Best Pools

Summertime Chicago!

It’s the place to be.

If you’re looking to rent in Chicago, a high-rise with a pool is exactly where you want to be this summer. You’ll be the life of the party! In case you were wondering where you could find a high rise with a pool, we’re here to help!

Not only are these pools amazing, but the view is incredible!

Below are 7 Chicago rental high rises that you should consider spending your time at:

1. Optima Chicago Center Apartments in Streeterville: 1 bedroom/1 bath – $2,672 – $3,417

2. State & Chestnut Apartments in Gold Coast: 1 bedroom/1 bath – $1,931 – $2,201
This brand new building is fresh on the market! Look at that stunning pool view.

3. 1111 North Dearborn Apartments in Gold Coast: 1 bedroom/1 bath – $1,650 – $1,725

4. 1120 North LaSalle Apartments in Gold Coast: 1 bedroom/1 bath –  $1,495 – $1,700
This high rise features a swimming pool with a sundeck, fitness room, valet dry cleaners, business center with Wi-Fi, laundry facility and covered parking.

5. The Tides: 1 bedroom/1 bath – 1 bedroom/1 bath – $2,168-$2,744

6. EnV Chicago Apartments 161 W. Kinzie Street: 1 bedroom/1 bath – $2,485+

7. Eugenie Terrance in Lincoln Park- 1 bedroom/1 bath – $2,048-$4,600
This apartment is the only apartment in Lincoln Park where you can get full amenities!


Living in a high rise means you are close to all of the Chicago stir but then again, who wouldn’t want to live in a place with a pool and fitness room? Not only that but bars and restaurants are close by too. Everything is walk-able so you wouldn’t need a car. A high rise with a pool is the perfect place to relax with friends and family.


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4 Summer Mud Runs And Obstacle Races In Chicago

With summertime coming up and everyone getting ready to head outdoors, mud runs and obstacle races are a great way to get active. Many of those who participate in these mud runs and obstacle courses spend a lot of time training themselves so they could finish the race. It is hard work!

What do you expect when you are

We’ve picked 4 summer mud runs and obstacle races in Chicago for you to try yourself below!

1. Illinois Warrior Dash 2015
Date: June 14, 2015
The Warrior Dash brings in over 2 million participants worldwide. This well known obstacle includes courses such as Goliath, Muddy Mayhem, Warrior Roast, Cliff Hanger, Trenches, Great Warrior Wall and so much more!
Click here to register.

2. Chicago Illinois Dirty Girl Mud Run 2015
Date: June 27, 2015
The Dirty Girl Mud Run series is now the premiere women’s only mud run. It’s a 5k obstacle that includes girl power, more creativity, more high fives, more excitement and more mud than any other mud run can muster.
Click here to register.

3. Chicago Illinois WIPEOUTRUN 2015
Date: July 25, 2015
Crash, smash, and splash your way through a 5k course inspired by the hit TV show Wipeout!
Click here to register.

4. Chicago Illinois Spartan Race Super Spartan 2015
Date: August 15, 2015
People travel from all over the Midwest to test their 4WD vehicles in the muddy park. Spartans to test themselves on an 8+ mile Super and 4+ mile Sprint course.
Click here to register.

Have you tried any of these awesome obstacles? Tell us about your experience by commenting below!



Who Cares about the Draft – Let’s Party

Who Cares about the Draft – Let’s Party
…Unless you’re in Chicago for the NFL Draft.
With Chicago comes entertainment. We’ve got the best of the best happening in Chicago during the NFL Draft. From dancing to singing to autograph signing, the 2015 Draft is the place you wanted to be.

One of the best parts of the draft in Chicago was “Draft Town.” This is was presented by Oikos Triple Zero and was celebrated in Grant Park all three days. “Draft Town” is filled with music, food and more. It took over 900,000-square feet! That’s the size of more than 15 football fields.

The draft was previously in New York for 51 years! What’s so special about this draft? For the first time ever, teams will make their picks in the tents on Michigan Avenue. All 32 NFL clubs will be presented in these tents.

The best part? Each team has their own fan section so fans of that team can head over to their tent and celebrate with fellow fanatics. Talk about entertainment!

Because when you’re in Chicago you know The NFL Draft is more than football!

Check out our YouTube page for more exclusive coverage here.