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Looking For The Best Burgers In Chicago?

There is nothing more American than a burger. There is also nothing more delicious than a juicy burger done right!

Have you always wondered where the best burgers live in Chicago? We’ve got a list for you below all thanks to the Chicago Tribune!

  • Rogers Park’s BopNGrill: Try the Umami burger: This one-pounder, priced under $8, is simply one of the finest burger deals in town. You even get strips of bacon on your burger. Yum!
  • Au Cheval: Get the Cheeseburger! It may sound basic but everyone always raves about the cheeseburger there. Plus, who could complain about cheese? Au Cheval eschews frills and gives us just meat, cheese, dijon mayonnaise, pickles on a toasted bun. The juiciness from the prime-grade beef all you need for your taste buds to go wild.
  • Redhot Ranch and their Double cheeseburger is what’s for dinner! In the $5-and-less category, you won’t sample a finer cheeseburger in Chicago. It combines the best traits of In-N-Out (toasted pillow buns, crunchy lettuce, Thousand Island) plus Steak ‘N Shake (so caramelized are the griddle-smashed beef edges, it’s halfway to crunchy).
  • Joe’s Seafood Prime Steak & Stone Crab: Try the Classic cheeseburger. You get bun, cheese, meat and no more. The loose grain burger is a half-pound patty of prime sirloin and chuck, an 80/20 lean-fat blend. Perfect for those looking for a lighter meal.
  • Schoop’s Double bacon cheeseburger – It’s a Hungry Man version of Steak ‘n Shake, and as such they’ve taken one of my favorite chain burgers and made it even better. And once again, did someone say bacon? Count us in!

What isn’t there to love about a burger? If you’re not in to meat burgers, you can try vegan burgers, too!



We’ve Got The Best Italian Restaurants In Chicago For You!

Looking for the best Italian restaurant in Chicago? We’re here to help!

Italian food began about 13,000 years ago and firmly established itself when the Greeks and Romans moved to Italy around 1,000 BCE.

Early Italian cuisine consisted of barley or wheat, cooked into a porridge. But nothing says Italian food like pasta! Growing up, many Italian kids were taught to make pasta noodles. By the 1300’s, dried pasta was very popular for its nutrition and long shelf life. It was ideal for those long voyage trips, too. Pasta made it around the world during the voyages of discovery.

Check out this old picture of Italians making pasta below:

pasta-123 (Medium)_0

If you are a pasta lover and looking for some new Italian places, we’ve picked the best of the best for you! From spaghetti to ravioli, you’ll be sure to call one of these Italian restaurants a favorite.

Check out our video on the best Italian food in Chicago:

Buon Appetito!



Top Drunk Food Spots in Chicago

 Top Drunk Food Spots in Chicago

According to Chicago Now:

You’ve been out drinking and this is about the time your head starts to spin.

Your designated driver hates you.

You keep saying, “I love you, man!”

Someone keeps spinning the ceiling.

It’s 2:00 AM, do you know where your appetite is?

It is true, eating a good solid meal and downing two to three bottles of water or gatorade hours before going out for drinks can help you later on. The presence of food in the belly slows the absorbtion of alcohol into the bloodstream which can delay the craziness.

Eating a bit may stop you from pissing in the plant outside your buddy’s house because it looked like a urinal.

And fluids keep you hydrated and less likely to have a horrible headache since those brain thumpers are due to the dehydration caused by drinking more than a “few”.

However, you only ate a donut about 11 hours ago. And you can’t even remember if you drank anything today. Your body has absorbed that alcohol like a sponge and personality-wise you are somewhere between douchebag and whore. Not pretty.

Even though you feel like someone has begun tap dancing in your lower bowels, you may want to put some food in your stomach since eating fuels your metabolism which helps churn that alcohol out of your system faster.

With food, you will be less likely to have a horrible hangover the morning after.

Here is my list of where you can go to get your food fix and fight LA CRUDA.

5. Lawrence’s Fisheries: 2120 S. Canal Street, Chicago, IL
This place is open 24/7 so you can’t go wrong. Mounds of fried shrimp with yummy cocktail sauce will do your stomach just right. A half order is about 7 bucks so you can’t go wrong. If seafood isn’t your thing, go for an order of jumbo wings. Lawrence’s also has a selection of nice sides, delectable sandwiches and dessert too. Plus, you can add fries to any item for a small charge.

4. White Castle: 3457 S. King Drive, Chicago, IL
Another 24 hour joint that brings back nostalgia. A few sliders might be just what you need to keep your “cookies” under control. Try to be within 50 feet of a bathroom just as a precaution.

3. White Palace Grill: 1150 S. Canal, Chicago, IL
Another all-night food fest begins here. The White Palace Grill has been around since 1939 and has always been open 365 days a year. The waitresses are friendly and that’s exactly what a drunk like you needs. Whether it is a homestyle breakfast you crave or tender short ribs, White Palace Grill kills all of your late night hunger growls. The menu items are reasonable and there are nightly specials too!

2. Clarke’s Hyde Park: 1451 E. 53rd Street, Chicago, IL
Clarke’s has finally come to Hyde Park with the largest portions you’ve ever seen. For the glutton of a drunk, any hamburger can be topped with a fried egg. A steaming bowl of homestyle chicken soup can calm the churning in your tummy and keep you focused enough to tell a joke that actually makes sense. Open 24 hours, Clarke’s is a diner that is worth the drive.

1.1. Jim’s Original 1250 S. Union, Chicago, IL
Jim’s near Maxwell Street is your #1 go-to place for the late night grease pill that makes your stomach smile after a hard night of drinking. This stand is THE original home of the Maxwell Street Polish and has a 70+ year history. The grilled onions piled high on top of a slick Vienna beef polish with mustard and peppers make the night epic. The best part is that anything you buy from Jim’s comes with an order of freshly fried golden french fries. Follow the smells to 1250 S. Union right off of 90/94 any day of the week 24 hours a day.

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