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Chicago’s Most Expensive Buildings to Live In

Just how much does it cost to live in a luxury building in Chicago? Well, a million dollars (or two) and above. Based on median sales data from the previous year, local real estate expert Fran Bailey investigated the priciest residential condo buildings in Chicago. Most are concentrated in areas like River North, Mag Mile and Gold Coast — with newcomers to the luxury building game popping up in Lincoln Park.


See the Top 10 Most Expensive Buildings in Chicago:


(1.)  Waldorf Astoria

Median sale price: $4.38 million


(2.)  50 E. Chestnut

Median sale price: $3.722 million


(3.)  4 E. Elm

Median sale price: $3.275 million


(4.)  900 N. Michigan

Median sale price: $3.11 million


(5.)  Park Tower

Median sale price: $2.862 million


(6.)  328 W. Wisconsin

Median sale price: $2.66 million


(7.)  209 E. Lake Shore Drive

Median sale price: $2.6 million


(8.)  The Ambassador

Median sale price: $2.5 million


(9.)  229 E. Lake Shore Drive

Median sale price: $2.6 million


(10.)  The Carlyle

Median sale price: $2.292 million



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7 Most Expensive Homes for Sale in Chicago

It’s not surprising that the seven most expensive homes for sale in the city would likely be found on the tranquil streets of Lincoln Park or within the bustling confines of the Gold Coast. These are the homes that’ll make you go “ah!” when you see them and “yikes!” when you hear the price.

1932 N Burling St • $50,00,000

The most expensive home in Chicago, there are plenty of manicures to go around when we talk about this gem. From the water fountains to the antique pavilion, there are 6 beds, 7 full and 4 half baths in this 25,000 square-foot package.

58 E Chicago Ave •  $18,000,000propertyproperty2

This Victorian building with the second oldest elevator in Chicago is completely available. It comes with three commercial spaces and 25 residential units, but you are free to reinvent the existing structure or build from the ground up (that is, if you come with the coins).

1909 N Orchard St • $15,500,000

One of the most recognizably, picturesque streets in the city, adjacent to the infamous Lincoln Park High School, there are 6 beds, 6 full and 2 half baths, and 14,000 square foot.  It also doesn’t hurt that the house is pretty darn pretty.

9 W Walton St Unit 3500 • $12,950,000

There’s always something presidential about a white house, and this condo is not too far from it. With amenities like a motor court with a valet, an indoor spa pool, a two-story exercise studio, and a wine tasting room, it’s hard to say no. Unless, somehow, you were not willing to spend nearly $13 M.

1336 N State Pkwy • $12,500,00gold coast

How could you not respect a house next to a house that winds up being larger-than-life when you walk inside? This elegant and historic Georgian home wold require a sophisticated taste and a pretty penny.

401 N Wabash Ave Unit 87 A • $12,500,000

Views cost, and with views like this, they just might be worth the pretty penny. With floor to ceiling windows in this 6,850 square foot penthouse, it’ll be hard to not give up $12.5 M, right?

800 N Michigan Ave Unit 60PHN • $12,000,000

A very modern penthouse at the Park Hyatt, plus unobstructed views from the north, east, and west, you’ll get access to a private elevator with this buy. It’s hard to think this pad comes with just 2 beds, 2 full and 1 half  baths.




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Evanston is a hop, skip, and a jump away from the city – it’s even one of the few suburbs you can take Chicago’s public transportation to! Aside from being located on the outskirts of Chicago, Evanston boasts glorious views of Lake Michigan and breath-taking sunrises. To top it off, Evanston has some of the most intricate and beautiful homes in the Chicagoland area. If you’ve ever considered moving to a suburb, now is your chance and Evanston is your place! This video might show homes slightly over your price range, but we’re allowed to dream, right?


Video by Kevin Gubish

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