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The Chicago Millennial’s Dream Home

Preview Chicago Exclusive – Chicago Millennial Dream Home:

Millennials make up a considerable amount of the marketplace, and the real estate industry is taking notice. It appears that the home, itself is important, but there are other features that might be more important to Chicago Millennials:

Location, neighborhood









Proximity to the city









Ability to move quickly if job requires, renting makes this easy








Technology to assist in easy living









Outdoor living









These 5 elements are key to the Chicago real estate market.Β  Other areas in the U.S. might have a different take on millennials as seen below.

Here is Pop Sugar‘s take on the topic:

Millennial-tailored design elements include . . .

  • Adaptable floor plan options that give buyers the space for what they need now and options for if they have a family later
  • Technology-enabled automation and energy performance to accommodate millennials’ desire for tech-savvy and eco-friendly homes
  • Bold design finishes that give a unique and polished look they crave
  • Indoor-outdoor flow to satisfy millennials must have of outdoor living space
  • Location just outside the Las Vegas strip, in a millennial-preferred suburban area


Unique Homes

We Love This Pool

This is from our friends at zillow

Sorry, not available in Chicago


Unique Homes

SOLD UPDATE: After 2 Plus Years, The “Flintstone’s Home” Sold For……

Listed for $4.2 million, Sold for $2.8 Million.

Hillsborough’s most recognizable piece of real estate has hit the market.
The home at 45 Berryessa Way, though relatively small by the town’s standards at 2,730 square feet, is seeking a big price tag of $4.2 million.
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Visible from Interstate Highway 280, the 39-year-old three bedroom, two bathroom house is striking for its amorphous dome shapes, made of wire and shotcrete.
“Everyone knows the building driving on 280, but when they come inside, they’re in awe,” listing agent Judy Meuschke said.
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Zillow β€” and lots of people β€” colloquially call it the “Flintstones house.” In the 80s, it was also known as the “Barbapapa house,” after a set of children’s books that was more popular in Europe, though their cartoon shorts briefly aired in the Bay Area at the time.

First, let’s start with the artist’s rendering of the home.

flint 5 flint 4 flint 3 flint 2 flint 1


This video is awesome. The Agent says,” it’s a landmark, why shouldn’t it be $4.2 million!”