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The Most Luxurious Closets Ever!

Watch This Video about Walk-in Closets

Shoes? Clothes? A secret sanctuary?

Yes! We’re talking about closets.

From businessman chic to Coco Chanel themed, these closets will make you fall in love! When looking for a home, a nice big closet is always a plus. You don’t have to worry about where you are going to put all of your clothes. The best part about big closets is you know exactly what you have. The problem with small closets is you buy clothes and forget you have them!

We have the best closets below and in the video. These people know how to live!

Each closet features a special theme to it. A big closet only means another room to decorate which is the best part.

Who wouldn’t want a large elegant closet?

Below are 10 walk in closets that will make you say WOW!

Businessman chic


A perfectionists’ dream


Celebrity glam


Double the fun


A shopaholics dream closet


Simply his and hers


Coco Chanel inspired


City walk in dream


A private boutique


Master closet at its finest

master bed

You can see that each closet is completely different and has a different spice to it. The most important part is that they are organization!

What’s your dream closet? Ahhh – luxurious closets. Beautiful!


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10 Buys That Will Transform Your Small Space

Are you looking for some ideas to transform your small place? Trulia came up with great ideas to help you with your DIY projects.

From closet space to bathrooms, you could even get down and dirty and build these yourself. There is nothing wrong with a little DIY project.

1. The utility cart

Utility carts are perfect for storage and can doubled as end tables. Because they are on wheels, they can be moved to wherever the party is. IKEA’s Raskog cart is a classic that’s beloved by style bloggers.


2. Sheepskin throws

A sheepskin throw is in every fashion magazine. The stylish throw gives your home a trendy look. They are an easy, inexpensive way to add a touch of luxe to just about any space. Talk about fancy!


3. Poufs and floor pillows

Have a few poufs or floor pillows on hand for impromptu get-togethers. When not in use, they can easily be stashed under a table or stacked in a corner.

4. Mirrors

Mirrors make your space instantly feel lighter and more open. Mix a few with ornate frames into a gallery wall, hang one in a narrow hallway, or lean a floor-length mirror in a dark corner to brighten things up in a flash.


5. The floating shelf

Floating shelves are a great way to save space. You can hang them to hold books or frames and you’ve got yourself floor space for a little couch or table.


6. Potted plants

Potted plants make your place feel less awkward because they fill that empty space.


7. Lidded baskets

A chic little lidded basket will hide all manner of sins — anything from shoes to mailing supplies. Stash a set of baskets under a coffee table or a bench, or stylishly stack a few in an unused corner.


8. A classic bench

An entryway bench gives you that feeling of complete. You can use it to sit on when putting your shoes on right next to the front door.


9. Wall-mounted storage

This wall art organizes your life. From your mail to setting up it as a bar, this purchase is worth it.


10. Lacquered boxes

A perfect storage solution in a kitchen or office, colorful lacquered boxes will stylishly hold tea bags, office supplies, batteries, or sewing supplies, and they’re pretty enough to stack on a counter.



All of these hacks will make your life a bit easier! Try them out for yourself.



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Live Like A Fashion Designer With These Home Trend Tips

Fashion designers aren’t only creative when it comes to designing clothes. They are amazing when it comes to their home, too!

Huffington Post came up with 5 great ideas that you can steal to live like a fashion designer! Check them out below:

Idea #1: Mismatch Seating

designer homes mizrahi
Think beyond the style of a seating arrangement, as Mizrahi did in his living room, shown above. Even the fabric choices run the gamut. But complimentary colors, on the more neutral end of the spectrum, keep the room cohesive and practically timeless.
Idea #2: Think Beyond Paint
designer homes hilfiger
Paint is one of the easiest ways to change up the look of a room, but fabric-covered panels, as used by designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard to cover the walls in Hilfiger’s office, lend a far more dramatic effect.
Idea #3: Art Doesn’t Always Have To Be Hung
designer homes mizrahi
For starters, it’s less work for you; second, a row of framed prints sitting along a picture rail (or, better yet, the floor) give you the feeling that they were just acquired on a fabulous trip abroad (and will be hung once the jet lag subsides).
Idea #4: Don’t Be Afraid Of Oversized Pieces
designer homes mizrahi
…Especially if they’re as colorful and fabulous as this.
Idea #5: Utilize The Fifth Wall
designer homes hilfiger
The bold colors and pattern in Hilfiger’s living room feel like ample decoration, but the reflective ceiling tie the furniture’s chrome accents together in perfect harmony.