10 Best Pizza Places in Chicago

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Marcello’s A Father And Son Restaurant | 645 W North Ave

(312) 654-2550

“It’s deliciously crispy and cheesy. They pack it full of toppings as well so those are worth the extra charge. I am a minimalist kind of girl, so I usually go for plain cheese, or just sausage. The crust is crispy like a cracker… Just right in my opinion.” – Bailey H.

Pequod’s | 2207 N Clybourn Ave

(773) 327-1512

“Our classic, deep dish Pequod’s pie came within about 30 to 45 minutes, piping hot. Delicious as always! Caramelized rim of the crust and top as always!” – Naila T.

D’Agostino’s Pizza River West | 752 N Ogden

(312) 850-3247

“Dag’s pizza is one of my favorite thin crust pizzas in the city. This is walking distance from work for me, so it’s tasty and convenient. It also has huge slices for around $4 which makes it perfect for a cheap filing lunch. Always fast and good. Love it.” – Jason J.

Lonnie’s Pizza | 8343 W Irving Park Rd

(773) 589-1501

“Best pizza on the north side of Chicago! Good crust and excellent sauce. Fast delivery service and very reasonably priced” – Milt S.

Golden Crust Pizza and Tap | 4620 N Kedzie Ave

(773) 539-5385

“My personal pizza suggestion – BBQ Chicken Pizza add Pineapple! Their coconut shrimp appetizer is also incredible!” – Rachel R.

Coluta’s Pizza | 4946 W Diversey Ave


“They add a different kind of spice to their pizza that just takes your breath away.” – Ivette O.

Pete’s Pizza | 3737 N Western Ave

(773) 463-7770

“I’ve eaten at some of the bigger, more well known Chicago pizza places, but my go-to is always Pete’s! Their thin crust is top notch—I always order Canadian Bacon with Pineapple and Ricotta.” – Jessamy M

Gigio’s Pizza | 4643 N Broadway St

(773) 271-2273

“This is the best NY style pizza I’ve had in Chi yet. I am stuck on the sausage—it’s amazing and perfect. Gigio’s doesn’t skimp on the cheese, and the sauce is a little sweet, a perfect counterbalance to the sausage” – Jennifer G.

Lou Malnati’s | 1120 N State St

(312) 725-7777

I don’t mean sausage as in carry out pizza sausage… I mean sausage as in a whole freaking slab of sausage (lean sausage may I add) covering every square inch, every square centimeter on the pizza!! The “Chicago Classic” was so good, so meaty, so cheesy, and oooohhh the crust, Oh so buttery!!” – Sherwin Y.

Mama Luna’s Pizza | 5109 W Fullerton Ave


“For a city famous for its deep-dish style pizza, it’s a shame its thin crust doesn’t get the spot light. They make pizza as it should be. Perfect thin crust. Amazingly delicious sauce. And all proper toppings. This is the pizza people should sample when wanting to try GOOD Chicago pizza!” – Roderick M.


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5 Most Expensive Bathrooms in Elmhurst

The bathroom is a special place in the house that has its fair share of purposes. Relaxation is one of them. So, you might want to consider these for-sale looks to meet relaxation at its finest. Here are 5 of the most expensive bathrooms in Elmhurst, currently on the market.

111 E Adelia St · $1,950,000

We love the old but sophisticated and updated charm that this bathroom has to offer. From the marble floors to the lighting fixtures, this bathroom tops the list of most expensive.

190 W Church St · $1,650,000

Nothing much like a tub and a Jacuzzi and a view from on high that gets the mind loose and lets the stress free. The greatness of this bathroom has all to do with its large, spa-like nature.

320 S Kenilworth Ave · $1,569,000

From the low-sitting tub to the walk-in shower, this grandiose bathroom makes a haven of a tranquil setting. The wooden accents help give this bathroom a spa touch.

184 N Walnut St · $1,538,000

There’s a room for everything, and everything about this we love. The white look, the separated rooms, and the plethora of light are the most inviting qualities you could ask for in a bathroom.

160 Joanne Way · $1,419,000

This large-than-life bathroom comes in as the least expensive of our most expensive list, but is our favorite yet. The room looks like just that—a room. Someone add a bunk bed. This bathroom looks to be design for a superstar’s dressing room, and it’s exactly how you’ll feel stepping inside. That, and like you’re hearing echoes.