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What Do You Think Of The Style Of This $3.6M Home In Bannockburn?

This Bannockburn, IL home is beautiful, don’t get us wrong!

Located at 2600 Telegraph Rd., the home built in 2009 sits at 8,057-square-feet. The home includes 7 bedrooms and 10.2 bathrooms. From the marble to the stone to the gorgeous master suite, this home may catch your eye.

Some may love the contemporary style but for almost $4 million, we were not sure if it was enough…until we saw the pictures.

The home features 2 gyms, a theater, pool house and garage for 4 cars.

We love the fruit orchard! Who doesn’t enjoy fresh fruit in the summer?

Check out the home below and let us know what you think:



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This design is starting to grow on us. We are feeling this clean cut look. What do you think?


Listing Agent: Michele Vold
Mobile: (847) 712-0061
Office: (847) 945-7100
Broker: (847) 712-0061
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About Bannockburn:

“Bannockburn is a very special North Shore community that takes pride in its unique character. Both long-time residents and newcomers appreciate the privacy afforded by Bannockburn’s large lots and carefully planned landscape buffers.

Bannockburn is committed to being a wonderful place to live. We hope you’ll use this site to “tour” the Village and find out what we have to offer residents, businesses, and visitors.”



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