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Well, let’s start with Airbnb, it appears that over $1,000 a night is the norm for an opportunity to stay in Wrigleyville during the World Series. This is 5 to 6 times the average – just go to and check it out.

Now, will the home prices skyrocket when the Cubs win the World Series? The answer is, yes. We can’t find any data that will support this, but why wouldn’t they go up(See Chart Below). Not only does everyone want to be a part of history, but now the neighborhood itself and the city is more famous than ever. The whole world wants to claim their stake in the Chicago real estate market.

The fact remains that even though the city has challenges, it still gets so much exposure that people, flat out want to live here. The Cubs are a huge part of the Chicago lifestyle and culture, ergo Cubs win equals higher home prices.

The Cubs haven’t won since 1908. 108 years without a World Series win, and the real estate market has been only moving up during this non-winning decade. It makes sense that if the Cubs win the World Series, home values will go up. So, if you are thinking of selling, now is the time, and if you are thinking buying, now is the time, because it will only go in one direction- UP. (See chart below, one more time)


*Home prices may skyrocket as displayed in this chart. Please contact your local real estate professional to see if these numbers are even possible.

Tim Padavic