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Can You Afford to Live in These Cities?

This is Where Your Salary Can Take You

City living doesn’t come cheap, so we broke it down for you and figured out what salary you need in order to afford a house in some of the trendiest cities in the U.S!

San Francisco – $152,173


Median House Price: $835,400      Monthly Payment: $3,551

Los Angeles – $100,147


Median House Price: $536,700     Monthly Payment: $2,227

Boston – $86,054


Median House Price: $435,300     Monthly Payment: $2,008

New York City – $85,488


Median House Price: $397,600     Monthly Payment: $1,995

Denver – $70,741


Median House Price: $386,800     Monthly Payment: $1,651

Miami – $64,879


Median House Price: $315,000     Monthly Payment: $1,514

Chicago – $61,291


Median House Price: $244,100    Monthly Payment: $1,430

Philadelphia – $53,108

Median House Price: $234,800     Monthly Payment: $1,239

Atlanta – $39,385

Median House Price: $191,500     Monthly Payment: $919

Pittsburg – $31,962


Median House Price: $140,000    Monthly Payment: $746


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The Inside Of Taylor Swift’s New York Apartment Is A Fairy-tale

What does Taylor Swift do when she’s in New York and not working? She throws parties and relaxes in her apartment.

The 7-bedrooms and 5.5-bathrooms in this NYC apartment is magical. On social media, we know she loves to cook and bake as well as play with her cats.

The kitchen is all marbled-out. Of course, it’s white. What do you expect from Taylor? That kitchen island is simply stunning.

The living room/dining area is just as beautiful. With an amazing beam structural ceiling, the rooms feature lots of warm red and orange colors.

The living room also includes plenty of comfy couches for her to nap on after a big show. The deep cherry wood floors bring out the wall colors of this lofty apartment. The home also features a pool table for her guests to hang out and chat around. Who knew Taylor loved to play some billiards?

There aren’t many pictures that show the inside and even though we’d love to see the bathrooms and bedrooms, these will have to do. They also give us a taste of what Taylor Swift’s home design is like. Check the photos below:


061715-tswift-apartment-slide-5 061715-tswift-apartment-slide-2 061715-tswift-apartment-slide-1

Simply stunning! What do you think of Taylor Swift’s New York City pad?


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Gigi Hadid Lists NYC Pad For $2.5M

Apparently, Gigi Hadid is moving from her beautiful NYC condo in Soho due to a stalker who won’t leave her alone.

The supermodel purchased the unit just last year, paying $1.92 million. Now, her place located at 250 Bowery is on the market for $2.45 million.

The luxury condo features 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The living room/dining rooms opens to an elegant kitchen with convenient dining counter. It also features wide-plank white oak floors and imported Italian white matte lacquer Lualdi pivot-hinge doors with Lualdi polished chrome level handles create the perfect backdrop for sophisticated Downtown living with individual style.

The master suite includes a huge walk-in closet and a spa bath.

This place is simply beautiful! Gigi sure does have good taste.

Check out the sleek NYC condo below:


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What do you think of this NYC pad? We love it! We hope Gigi gets the security she needs.