What $1,500 Rent Gets You in Chicago

Ever wonder how far your money would go in Chicago, rent wise? We set a monthly rent budget of $1,500 and searched available apartments across a variety of Chicago neighborhoods.

What some apartments lack in space, offer excellent location — while others have multiple rooms and newer finishes. From Buena Park to Old Town, South Loop to Lakeview, and beyond, take a look at these budget-comparable apartments in Chicago.


Here’s what $1,500 a month will rent you in Chicago:


Buena Park (1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom)

Address: 718 W. Irving Park Road

Rent: $1,490/month


Irving Park (3 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom)

Address: 3426 N. Keeler Avenue

Rent: $1,550/month


South Loop (Studio)

Address: 2101 S. Michigan Avenue

Rent: $1,450/month


Lakeview (Studio)

Address: 3170 N. Sheridan Road

Rent: $1,519/month


Old Town (1 Bedroom, 1 Bath)

Address: 1923 N. Sedgewick Drive

Rent: $1,525/month


Edgewater (1 Bedroom, 1 Bath)

Address: 5600 N. Sheridan Road

Rent: $1,530/month


Gold Coast (Studio)

Address: 20 E. Scott Street

Rent: $1,495/month


Which apartment would YOU choose with a $1,500 budget?





Avoid These Common Mistakes And Make Apartment Hunting Fun

Looking for a new apartment is such a struggle especially if you don’t know what to look for.

Yes, you may have looked at apartments online and read the description but sometimes that doesn’t cut it.

Below are 9 common mistakes you should avoid when looking for a new apartment:

1. Assuming That Moving Will Solve Your Problem

Moving is stressful and carries a long list of expenses. Before you decide to move to where the grass is greener, consider whether you’re really that unhappy where you are. Decide whether you can live with your apartment’s drawbacks before moving on to a new set of problems.

2. Falling in Love Too Soon

It’s easy to fall in love with an amazing apartment especially with all of those cool high-tech features. Now, apartment hunting usually begins online just keep in mind that in many cases, photos tell very little. Landlords will do their best to make their rental look amazing. Make sure you email the landlord so you can set up a time to come and visit. Most landlords will tell you more than what is detailed in the apartment description.

3. Failing to See the Big Picture

Think about what’s really important to you:  Are you looking for a short commute to work? Parks? Or public transportation? Figure out what you need outside of just a beautiful apartment.

4. Allowing Yourself to Be Wooed by Fancy Fixtures

Fancy fixtures like hardwood floors and granite counter-tops are beautiful, but those fixtures may be the reason why the apartment you are looking for is expesnive. Stick to a budget.

5. Going Out of Your League

With #4 being said: Don’t just pay extra money for anything too fancy if you can’t afford it.

6. Failing to Read the Rental Agreement

Are there any hidden fees? Are you the one who has to fix whatever is broken? Read the small print in the lease to make sure everything is understood.

7. Overlooking Existing Damage

Document any damages before moving in. That way, your landlord will fix it without a cost. If you didn’t break it — don’t buy it!

8. Not Considering Roommates Carefully

Living with people is hard. Find roommates that are responsible and will respect your living space. You also need to make sure they pay their rent on time.

9. Run A Check Up On Your Landlord

Run a check on your landlord before you sign a rental agreement. Ask if you can contact previous tenants or just ask a tenant if you see them walking by. Check to see if any complaints have been filed against the landlord or property management company.

Moving in to a new place should be fun and exciting. Avoid these 9 common mistakes and you may be in the clear!