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Lincoln Park Home has 4 Ultra-Cool Bathrooms

This Lincoln Park home has serious style. Located on Seminary Avenue, the 6-bedroom single family home is currently on the market — and beautifully appointed in tasteful and top-of-the-line finishes. Every room is eye catching, but we at Preview Chicago can’t help but notice: the bathrooms. Each of the four (and a half) bathrooms has a unique, chic design. Take a look for yourself…

The master bathroom features an oversized steam shower with dual rainfall showerheads — plus a freestanding Victoria + Albert tub enclosed within the shower. Pretty cool, right? The remaining bathrooms are noteworthy, too, incorporating marble detailing, intricate tile, industrial fixtures, and designer wallpaper.

Check out the chic bathrooms at 2245 N. Seminary Avenue:


marble white kitchen design

2245 N. Seminary Avenue

For more information on 2245 N. Seminary Avenue, contact Emily Sachs Wong (312-286-0800)

LIST PRICE: $2,795,000 (6 Bedrooms / 4.5 Baths)




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Top 10 Bathroom Getaways in Homes For Sale in Chicago

Bathrooms can be getaways just as much as an island. Whether you’re hiding from the kids or recharging from a long day at work, the bathroom is the perfect atmosphere. Here are 10 Chicago bathrooms that’ll make you want to read, nap, and bask in the beauty.

2717 N Magnolia Ave • $1,995,000

A spa bathroom speaks volumes when it comes to breaking away. Add beautiful flooring and decor to the mix, and nothing else compares.

1255 W Cornelia Ave • $1,995,000

With a tub the size of a Jacuzzi, and windows serving you both sunlight and views, you’ll feel like you’re on a vacation that’s atop the world.

1855 N Hermitage Ave • $2,999,000

A bathroom is often synonymous with the reading room, and this antique-looking bathroom reminds of us a library out of Hogwarts. It helps that there is a long curtain draping from the ceiling in the background.

189 E Lake Shore Dr Ste 1W • $2,995,000

We’re presented with an immaculate concept of a larger-than-average bathroom, a powder room, and shower, each occupying its own space.

1937 W Dickens Ave • $1,890,000

From the sauna space to the marble encompassed bathroom, the glass-door enclosed shower helps make the bathroom appear even larger.

1242 W Henderson St • $1,949,900

This is as white as they come, said no one. It’s hard to not find your happy place when stepping into a room as bright as Heaven.

1903 N Howe St • $3,475,000

His and Her sinks meets candles and spas. The large, step-into shower room is eye-catching as it is inviting.

1842 N Damen Ave Unit 3N • $499,900

This bathroom reminds us it doesn’t always take a lot of square footage to make the list of getaway bathrooms. Here, we see just how much one can do with smaller and modern bathrooms.

21 E Huron St Apt 1502 • $700,000

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which one should I look into after all? Needless to say, you’ll have plenty to choose from and the best thing about it is that there is no wicked queen with a poisoned apple waiting for you at the exit.

200 E Delaware Pl Apt 22B • $375,000

We’re in love with the simple, yet unique spectrum of this tinier bathroom. A glass door over the tub adds to the modern twist of it all.



Soak in These Magnificent Baths

We all deserve a break. What’s better than coming home from a long day at work and heading upstairs to your own personal spa? Absolutely nothing. Invest in your future of peace and relaxation by buying one of these Edgewater homes featuring stunning bathrooms! Trust us, you won’t regret it.


Video by Kevin Gubish