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Su Familia Real Estate Company Family Client Appreciation Picnic

Su Familia Real Estate Company is focused on the family, as it is stated in their name—Su Familia. When summer comes around it is time for the family’s client appreciation picnic. With over 1,000 happy customers and family, Su Familia spends time to express gratitude for their clients and let’s them know how important they are to their family. Take a look inside this event video and see why Su Familia is your family too.


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Su Familia: we’re here to serve You

Here’s your chance to meet the experts at Su Familia! With years of expertise under their belts, these experts know every trick of the trade. Check them out!



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VIDEO: Get an inside look at Su Familia

Ever wonder what the daily life of a realtor looks like? Well now is your chance to get an inside peak. We spent the day over at Su Familia and got a first hand look at all they encounter throughout the day. In this video, you’ll see the Su familia team and just how dedicated they are with each and every one of their customers. We’ll take you through their day, show off some of their prestigious awards, and let you sit in on a few meetings! Realtors shouldn’t be unfamiliar acquaintances! Get to know your realtor at Su Familia!

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