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10 Buys That Will Transform Your Small Space

Are you looking for some ideas to transform your small place? Trulia came up with great ideas to help you with your DIY projects.

From closet space to bathrooms, you could even get down and dirty and build these yourself. There is nothing wrong with a little DIY project.

1. The utility cart

Utility carts are perfect for storage and can doubled as end tables. Because they are on wheels, they can be moved to wherever the party is. IKEA’s Raskog cart is a classic that’s beloved by style bloggers.


2. Sheepskin throws

A sheepskin throw is in every fashion magazine. The stylish throw gives your home a trendy look. They are an easy, inexpensive way to add a touch of luxe to just about any space. Talk about fancy!


3. Poufs and floor pillows

Have a few poufs or floor pillows on hand for impromptu get-togethers. When not in use, they can easily be stashed under a table or stacked in a corner.

4. Mirrors

Mirrors make your space instantly feel lighter and more open. Mix a few with ornate frames into a gallery wall, hang one in a narrow hallway, or lean a floor-length mirror in a dark corner to brighten things up in a flash.


5. The floating shelf

Floating shelves are a great way to save space. You can hang them to hold books or frames and you’ve got yourself floor space for a little couch or table.


6. Potted plants

Potted plants make your place feel less awkward because they fill that empty space.


7. Lidded baskets

A chic little lidded basket will hide all manner of sins — anything from shoes to mailing supplies. Stash a set of baskets under a coffee table or a bench, or stylishly stack a few in an unused corner.


8. A classic bench

An entryway bench gives you that feeling of complete. You can use it to sit on when putting your shoes on right next to the front door.


9. Wall-mounted storage

This wall art organizes your life. From your mail to setting up it as a bar, this purchase is worth it.


10. Lacquered boxes

A perfect storage solution in a kitchen or office, colorful lacquered boxes will stylishly hold tea bags, office supplies, batteries, or sewing supplies, and they’re pretty enough to stack on a counter.



All of these hacks will make your life a bit easier! Try them out for yourself.



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These 5 Home Updates Will Cost You Less Than $10,000!

Take about saving some money! When you are sick of your home design, the first thing on your mind is getting up and moving, right?

Well, Zillow has awesome 5 home updates for $10,000 or less that will save your life.

Check them out below:

1. A classic kitchen

Start by simply refacing those cabinets. At less than half the cost and one-third the time required to replace them, this project is a no-brainer. If you’re aiming for a classic, light and airy feel, then a white color scheme is ideal.

After the cabinets, repaint the rest of the space. The simplicity of white-on-white tends to make quite the statement. But if that’s a bit too much white for you, consider a complementary wall color in softer shades of citrus or blue that keep the space bright and friendly.

Add some polish by replacing all your hardware, and don’t forget the faucet. Working with a light or white scheme, think brushed nickel for drawer pulls and hardware.

If you’re happy with the cabinets you have, an alternate makeover at this budget is an appliance upgrade. Stainless steel is timeless. You can get high-quality equipment that makes cooking an event, and turns your kitchen into a high-tech, high-luxe space without going over budget.

2. Brand new bathroom

Get this makeover moving by replacing that built-in vanity with a standalone that offers a much more personalized and custom look. Here, too, remember that the faucet is key in terms of looks and functionality. Choose a style that sits a little higher above the bowl than the original to add a bit of functional luxury.

A new countertop at this scale is very affordable — especially if you can find a remnant — so splurge for some sleek, low-maintenance, solid surface quartz that wears well and cleans easily.

While we’re at the vanity, replace that builder-style mirror clipped to the wall by either covering the entire vanity wall with a seamless, clipless mirror, or hanging one with a frame that fits the space. Finish off your own private hideaway with a fresh coat of paint or wall covering that creates a spa-like feel. Think light and inviting here, with cool pastel shades such as soft green, blue or yellow.

3. Your favorite house on the block

In a sale situation, curb appeal offers an excellent return on your investment, but many homeowners think twice about selling once they see their home with a new façade. Painting the exterior can take up most of your $10,000 budget, but in most cases, you’ll have enough for a few other key changes.

After the exterior paint, a complementary color for the trim will bring a crispness that takes years off the look of your home. A contrasting color for the door will bring that last pop of polish to the project.

Bring in a couple of large-scale pots with dramatic plantings to frame the entry, and update shrubs and fresh bark or mulch to bring the exterior back to life. Highlight your work with exterior lighting, and invite your guests in with new house numbers and walkway lights.

4. Beyond cosmetics

Remember that a big part of what makes us feel comfortable in our own homes relates to light and temperature. You’ll notice right away the difference that a 21st-century thermostat makes in temperature accuracy, and in the time your systems need to run to keep your home at your preferred environment.

Dual- or triple-pane windows are another huge factor in controlling your home’s climate while keeping costs down.

Finally, consider going at least partially solar. The money you save will pay you back over time, and solar power is an attractive amenity for potential buyers.

5. Makeover from the inside out

When many homeowners paint, they just do a quick covering of the walls. But the difference between only painting the walls and getting the ceiling, trim and doors, too, really can’t be measured.

Try to make one color work throughout the house to create a sense of space and consistency. Beige’s, grays and other neutral shades keep the space looking clean and bring enough contrast to make that trim pop.

After saving money on these projects, you can use the extra load to buy accessories for your home!

Have you done any DYI budget saving projects around the house? Let us know in the comments below!


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Here’s How To Renovate Your Kitchen For Under $1000

Are you ready to have a new kitchen and some money in your pocket at the end of this project?

HGTV has some great tips on how to renovate your kitchen for under $1000.

Yes, $1000! Not much when it comes to making an old space feel brand new.

Check out the 5 renovation tips below:

1. Start by updating the color and reducing clutter then add new hardware, fixtures and a backsplash. You’ll go a long way toward stealing the high-end look you crave.

2. For less than a couple hundred dollars and just a few hours of work, a homeowner can swap out every handle and knob in the kitchen. Styles range from contemporary to rustic to traditional.

3. Fixtures are the jewelry of the kitchen, and the kitchen sink is often the focal point of the room. Investing in a new faucet is a simple and cost-effective way of giving the whole room an updated look.

4. Install a Stainless Steel Laminate Backsplash: A properly sized metallic laminate panel affixed to the face of a refrigerator or dishwasher can modernize its look for a tiny fraction of what a new appliance would cost.

5. Add a ceiling fan to give your kitchen a nice breeze and provide a new visual element to your space.

See! It’s simple. We bet you coule fix that kitchen up for less than $1000 if you are professional bargain buyers.

Good luck!