Kendrick Lamar: The DAMN. Tour @ United Center, July 27, 2017

There’s an upcoming Kendrick Lamar tour, and it’s heading to Chicago! According to a review by Pitchfork, “DAMN. is a widescreen masterpiece of rap, full of expensive beats, furious rhymes, and peerless storytelling about Kendrick’s destiny in America.” As of this week, the latest data from Billboard tells us each song from Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. album has entered the Hot 100. The album had already achieved the biggest Billboard debut of 2017.

Recently, Mr. Lamar let it be known via Twitter the schedule of his upcoming tour, where he’ll be supported by collaborator Travis Scott, and rapper D.R.A.M. “DAMN.” sold 353,000 copies—and that is 353,000 purchases of the full album. The DAMN tour heads to United Center in Chicago, IL, July 27, 2017. Tickets went on sale Friday, April 28. Get yours at now at Ticketmaster.

Meanwhile, check out a popular song from his album, titled, “Humble.”


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10 Rooms, Incredible Views in Chicago

If you’re looking for a room with an incredible view, we’ve got you covered. We’ve searched far and wide across the city, curating the perfect list for you. Below you’ll find 10 of the hottest spots in the city, currently up for sale. Cheers to sunsets and waterfronts.


1335 S Prairie Ave Unit 1004 • $585,000

What’s this view to offer? How about Navy Pier Fireworks and the smell of blood, sweat, and tears at Soldier Field, overlooking the Field Museum as well.

1242 N Lake Shore Dr Unit 13S $1,595,000 

Priceless views over North Avenue Beach and a fleet of cars, pushing along Lake Shore Drive. You can also expect picturesque sunsets.

1110 N Lake Shore Dr Apt 21N $999,000

Plenty of windows, plenty of sunlight—this a one-of-a-kind luxury Lake Shore Drive condo overlooking the popular Oak St. Beach. Over yonder, Navy Pier can be seen around the S-Curve.

1717 S Prairie Ave Apt 1502 $299,999

Step onto your private balcony and catch the captivating views over Grant Park, the Loop and Soldiers Field. Did we mention the gleams off Lake Michigan?

1841 S Calumet Ave Apt 904 • $375,000

Here’s not just another eye-catching wonder, featuring pentrating, unobstructed views of Lake Michigan, as well as Burnham Harbor, and the city; You’ll also be able to catch these views from the windows of every room and your private balcony.

1212 N Lake Shore Dr Apt 33AS • $1,529,000

With a balcony you can grill on over waves rushing into the sandy Oak Street Beach, and the perfect seat to the annual Air and Water Show, 1212 N. Lake Shore Dr. gives as bout as much as you could ask for in a view. See parts of the magnificent Chicago skyline light-up at night from the Drake Hotel to the John Hancock building.

655 W Irving Park Rd Apt 3510 • $300,000

In this mid-century building on Lake Shore Drive, you’ll be paying for jetliner views of Lake Michigan, Montrose Harbor, and parks from the 17 wraparound windows. A rooftop offers even more awe-inspiring sights from the neighborhood.

3550 N Lake Shore Dr Apt 2315 • $339,000

Beautiful views of boats and sailing on Lake Michigan, undoubtedly. Doesn’t hurt that the views from inside match up quite well with the outside.

340 E Randolph St Unit 1104 • $1,149,000 

This modern beauty seems like one mammoth, glass capsule, and its large, private balcony overlooks Lake Shore East Park as well as the city skyline.

720 N Larrabee St Apt 908 • $479,000

10-foot floor-to-ceiling windows make it difficult to hide from the sun. But one thing you won’t be escaping is the peaceful views of the river. This apartment sells for just under a half-million dollars.


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The Buzz over Real Estate App

Why the fuss?

With all the housing apps on Google Play and Apple Store, what’s all the buzz over Real Estate app? We decided to put our curiosity to rest by taking the app for a little spin of our own and seeing what the fuss is truly about. Here’s what we found.

Both the Android and iOS versions of’s mobile app score high marks from reviewers (with ratings of 4.5 stars). A recent reviewer of the iOS version says, “the market is very fast here so when something becomes available, I see it first on this app.” Another comments, “I use many home sales sites and this is the best. Always the fastest with info and provides better detail than most.”

On that note, we wanted to get a feel for how easy the app is to navigate. Answer? Daily double. You’re simply a click away from beginning your customization. Opening to a bright screen with large icons to jump-start your search, the app is stylishly sleek from the custom filters to its map drawing, trickling all the way down to iMessage integration.

So what’s its best features?

There’s a lot to love about this app. Some eye-catching features happen to involve its ability to keep up with the market, wherever that market is. For example, when you click on the “For Sale” icon, which can be found on the home screen, it uses location-based data to display all the homes for sale in your exact vicinity.

And, whenever you’re looking for a refresh, all you have to do is click on the “Scout” button at the bottom of the screen to see the updated listings available where you are and where you go. Then there’s this “Today Widget” that gives you nearby listings and open houses, which we think is mighty superb.

Plus, there’s a entirely interactive map that’s only clicks or circles away from uncovering any and everything you’d ever want to know about a potential property. If you’ve never been good at drawing, it won’t be too hard to draw around neighborhoods when you can see all sorts of points of interests on the map, like restaurants, banks, shops and more.

By clicking on a listing, you’ll reveal all the details for that particular property, and in addition, you’ll see a space that’ll allow you to archive personal notes and thoughts about a home—you can even rate the home and give it up to five stars, save it to your favorites, then come back later to compare if you wish.

Some other standout features we found not only really cool, but also relevant when it comes to house hunting, include:

• Notifications of new and price reduced listings
• Swiping left or right to see high resolution photos of property
• Using iMessage to grab photos of listings viewed   
• The Share icon on the Listing Detail Page
• Getting driving directions to homes for sale
• 3D home tours

Any drawbacks?

Some reviewers take issue with some of the property being sold too quickly, or the listed properties not truly being available. We did not run into this issue ourselves, but “appers,” beware.

Is it a go, or a no?

It’s still a go in our book. From the sleek look to the interactive maps and 3D tours, the app gets the job done. If you’re out there looking for a home, there’s no good reason why you shouldn’t take the chance at downloading this app for what good it does do.

It’s informative in regards to relaying neighborhood statistics, and introducing info on schools, zoning, and the like. There are more homes listed on the app than any other house hunting app for download. It’s clear from the custom filters that whether or not you’re looking to buy your first house or if you’re shopping for an upgrade or a downsize, the app interface is so-meticulously designed, you’ll get a list of homes directly tailored to your wants and needs.