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5 Cool Wicker Park Apartments to Satisfy Your Dreams

Wicker Park, Chicago’s beloved trending hipster neighborhood is more than just mustaches, bikes, and craft beer. This vibrant neighbored tucked away on Chicago’s near West Side has it all. And if there’s something think is missing, never fear, transportation is everywhere! With fast, easy access to downtown, Restaurant Row, and the up and coming neighborhoods of Logan Square and Avondale, Wicker Park is the dream for those who want the feel of Chicago without the hustle and bustle of Michigan Avenue. These beautiful loft apartments show the best that Wicker has to offer.

1. 1478 N Milwaukee Ave Unit 2 – $6,500/month

2. 1550 N Damen Ave Unit 201 – $3,750/month

3. 1570 N Milwaukee Ave Apt L – $1,900/month

4. 1422 N Milwaukee Ave Unit 302 – $1,750/month

5. 1400 N Milwaukee Ave Apt 407 – $1,695/month



Would you pay $20,000 per month to rent these apartments?


1st of the month, rent’s due! Would you go as far as paying more than $20,000 a month for penthouse views like these? Tell us what you think! 

1. 25 E Superior St Apt 5001- $35,000 


2. 11 E Walton St Apt 5801 – $27,500

3. 159 E Walton Pl Apt 23A – $25,000

4. 1764 N Hoyne Ave – $23,000

5. 35 W Randolph St Unit 820 – $21,440


Think you can scrap up $20,000 each month to roll in these luxurious apartments?