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Our Opinions on Micro Apartments


Micro apartments, or micro-dwellings, have been cropping up all over the Chicago area in recent years. A trend that popped up in the United States in 2013 in NYC, these teeny living quarters are gaining popularity amongst those who choose to live the minimalist lifestyle in an urban setting. Though more expensive cities like Miami, NYC, and San Francisco are digging the tiny living lifestyle, people in Chicago and Seattle are becoming a little skeptical of the whole idea. Some residents have complained that high-density micro-housing changes the character of neighborhoods, suddenly increasing demand for parking spaces and other amenities. So what’s so great about these micro apartments? Well…


The Furnishings

micro apartments

For us Chicagoans, we’re lucky enough to have Cedar Street Companies; they’ve developed several micro apartment locations around the city called FLATS (clever) that are fully furnished by CB2, IKEA, and various local antique shops. Half the battle of living in micro apartments is deciding how to puzzle-piece together a livable space without sacrificing aesthetics.

The Rent Prices

Fully furnished, renovated, updated apartments near the hottest bars and restaurants in Chicago? Let’s not scare you with how quickly those rent prices sky-rocket. BUT – a studio micro apartment at 4875 N. Magnolia Ave. can be had for $850 per month. Another benefit is the option of a Short Stay – a flexible option for travelers to pay low rent with all of the amenities for a short period of time, plus additional amenities like a sport key fob entry, cable TV and next cleaning service are available as well.

The Push to Explore


Having small living quarters can push even the most introverted of us out into the city to explore. The cabin fever is enough to force you to meet new people and find new hangout spots all over Chicago. Plus, for the workaholics, it makes sense to only pay for what you need: if you’re spending twelve hours a day at the office and just need a place to rest your head at night, micro apartments are an excellent choice.

The Amenities


Many micro apartment complexes make up for their tiny living spaces with fancy amenities like fitness centers, included wi-fi, in-unit laundry and private bicycle parking.


Although there might be some downsides to living small, clearly we’re loving the micro apartment movement. Do you? Leave us a comment below.


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