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Ready to rent or have you been renting for years?

There are a few things a landlord keeps in mind when renting out their place. First, picture yourself renting out your apartment to someone. What do you look for in a tenant? Of course, you look for someone who is responsible. This person can pay on time and even take care of an issue quickly whether it’s fixing something or calling their landlord about the issue.

Mia Melle, president and broker of gave some tips on how to keep your landlord happy.

“An ideal renter is one who will stay in the home for years to come, raise a family, create memories and treat the home like their own,” Melle said.

Check out the 4 things your landlord wish you knew below:

1. Do the Upkeep
Once you have moved in, try to treat the space like you own it.

“Many times renters aren’t familiar with the cost of home improvements, so something as simple as not watering the lawn and causing the grass to die can result in thousands of dollars to the homeowner to replace the sod once the renter moves out,” Melle said.

2. Always Ask First
If you are looking to get a pet, always ask first. If you are looking to paint the walls, always ask first. If you are looking to  make any big time changes, ask ask ask! It’s all out of respect to the landlord who is letting you live in their home.

3. Call for Backup the Right Way
Be careful when and how you contact your landlord when it comes to maintenance requests.

“A renter should know how to do simple repairs around the property and understand the landlord cannot always be at their beck and call or send a $200 repair guy to change a light bulb,” Melle said.

If you have to call to request a repair, make sure you explain the problem thoroughly and be willing to let your landlord troubleshoot issues with you over the phone. It’s all about saving your landlord time and money.

4. See Things From Your Landlord’s Point of View
“Ultimately, landlords want renters to understand that they are just regular people with jobs and bills and not faceless, emotionless corporations with huge bank accounts,” Melle said.

Understanding your landlord is important. Treat them the way you would like to be treated. Take these tips in to consideration and live a happy rental life.