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Top 10 signs you are super rich

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Today’s millionaires can be forgiven for feeling, well, a little average.

There are millions of millionaires in America (actually, 9 million and counting). The distance between the top 1 percent and the top 0.01 percent has never been greater, with the top 0.01 percent making 20 times the top 1 percent and mere millionaires feeling increasing class rage against their centimillionaire and billionaire rivals.

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Remember the guy who felt he was “stuck in life” with a salary of a mere $350,000 a year?

As comedian Stephen Colbert put it recently, today’s real class war is the “unattainably rich against the unimaginably rich.”

Numbers aren’t the only way to tell the super rich from the rich.

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Here are the top 10 signs you’re super rich, as seen on this week’s CNBC’s “Secret Lives of the Super Rich,” which premieres Wednesday. (Yes, all of the examples are real.)

10. You have a luxury shower … just for your poodle.

9. Your megamansion has a 24-car garage. And it’s stocked with Ferraris and Bentleys.

8. Your idea of a “pet project” is building an exact replica of the Titanic.

7. All of the moldings in your house are painted in 18-carat gold leaf “done tastefully.”

6. When the apocalypse comes, you’ll be safe in your own luxury survival bunker. Cost: $3 million, complete with a pool, arcade and pet park for passing the time during the end of the world.

5. You have a million-dollar taxidermy collection—in your apartment on New York’s Upper West Side.

4. Your idea of listening to music is asking Lola Astanova, the stunning concert pianist, to play a little something on your living room grand. Or having members of the London Philharmonic provide the background music at your party.

3. Your bedroom carpet is copyrighted—so no one can ever have the same one.

2. Your idea of party decorations is to create an “upside down forest” hanging from the ceiling.

1. You drive to work every day in a gold-plated Lamborghini.

Do you have any more “Top Signs You’re Super Rich?”

By CNBC’s Robert Frank. Follow him on Twitter: @robtfrank.

“Secret Lives of the Super Rich” airs this Wednesday Feb. 5 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Tim Padavic