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Kelly Phillips Badal
Yahoo Makers

Kitchens are the workhorses of the house by their very nature, and these brilliant ideas — if we do say so ourselves — will help you take yours to the next level. From how to fake stainless steel appliances on the cheap to a smart new use for those silly fake cabinetry drawers, we’ve found useful tips and tricks for every kitchen out there.

Turn your boring fridge into an eye-catching standout.
Vinyl stickers made for walls and windows can also work on your fridge, and Etsy seller Adzif makes multiple versions cut to fit exactly. (Photo: ADzif)
Pining for stainless steel kitchen appliances? Fake ’em!
The secret, as blogger Julie Blannerdemonstrates via her dishwasher makeover, is stainless steel contact paper. P.S.: This could also transform your refrigerator. (Photo:Julie Blanner)
Just add wheels. Whee!
A rolling dining room table is the ultimate spot to stage your nightly moveable feast (heh!). (Photo: Niemand Interiors via Houzz)
Install in-counter cubbies for breads and vegetables.
No need for a standalone breadbox; this baby’s built-in. (Credit: Henrybuilt)
Fake drawers are kinda silly. Make that extra space work.
Paper towels, now right at hand. Genius! (Photo: Houzz)
Hijack a drawer into a cutting board + scrap disposal station.
Just install a wastebasket in the drawer below, fit in a butcher board and the convenient chute to the top drawer, and voila! Cleanup has never been easier. (Photo:Houzz)
Add a slender cabinet to any dead space in your kitchen.
It’s a brilliant spot to stash skinny cleaning supplies like brooms and dustpans. (Photo:Masterbrand)
Or sneak in a slim wine rack!
What a brilliant use of space that might have been wasted. (Photo: Minimalisti)
Here’s another unexpected spot to squeeze in a wine rack.
’Cause why not utilize every square inch of your kitchen island? Turn it into a DIY project by removing a cabinet and adding in small shelves. (Photo: Minimalisti)
Sneak in outlets under your cabinets.
You’ll have a smooth, uninterrupted backsplash as a result. (Photo: Sally Jensen Interiors)
Those magnetic knife racks are cool, but…
This secret, slide-out knife rack keeps your sharps safely stashed away. Also, it just looks awesome. (Photo: Houzz)
Finally, a smart solution for messy utensils.
Instead of containers stuffed with spatulas cluttering your counter, this nifty drawer keeps ’em at the ready, yet out of sight. (Photo: Houzz)

We thought these were too good to pass up, so we passed them on.

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