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There is nothing more exciting than renovating your home. Yes, it is normal to be completely sick and tired of seeing the same thing every day.

Before you go spending all of your money, make sure you know the 25 biggest renovating mistakes that you want to avoid.

Check them out below:

  1. Buying cheap materials – You are going to get what you pay for
  2. Inaccurate measurements – Even an inch makes a difference!
  3. Skipping the prep work – You want to make it right from the beginning
  4. Gutting everything – Don’t give yourself more work than you need. You might be able to work around a few things
  5. Excessive use of duct tape – Duct tape is not supposed to be used as decoration
  6. Using the wrong tools – Sounds stressful!
  7. Building a small bathroom – if you are going to build a small bathroom, use the right fixtures. Don’t try to fit everything in to a little cramped bathroom.
  8. Ignoring lighting – Take lighting in to consideration. This completely changes your home style
  9. Going too trendy – Trends are good for a short term
  10. Building small doorways – Build doors big enough to let multiple people pass through
  11. Failure to anticipate chaos – Plan your renovation
  12. Incorrect storage of materials – You should store tools in a cool, dry place
  13. Not using green materials – Going green is a very smart investment
  14. Using the wrong paint type – There are different types of paint for every surface
  15. Building narrow hallways and staircases – When renovating, bigger is always better
  16. Choosing the wrong windows – Do not skimp on quality
  17. Forgetting about safety – Wear goggles to protect your eyes, ear protection to protect your hearing and gloves to protect your hands from splinters and nails
  18. Not doing your homework – You have to know what you are getting yourself in to
  19. Forgetting to update the electrical system – Walk through the house with an electrician before you start
  20. Ignoring your home style – Keep your styling consistent
  21. Avoiding permits – You don’t want insurance to not pay for anything serious that happens
  22. Hiring the wrong contractor – When do you background checks, make sure you ask how long it takes for these contractors to call you back. The sooner, the less they have to hide
  23. Taking on more than you can handle – This is a biggie!
  24. Overbuilding for your neighborhood – You spend $100,000 on a house. You spend another $100,000 to renovate it. You now have a house $200,000 house in a $100,000 neighborhood.
  25. Setting an unrealistic budget – Being broke over renovating is not worth it

Take these tips in to consideration when renovating your home!

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