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Everyone has their preferences when it comes to shopping for homes. But every now and then, a home comes on the market that will satiate everyone’s taste. We’ve found 10 things we really like about 3308 at S Lowe Ave and why it makes a smart buy. Knowing us, there’s no better way than to show and tell.

1. The House

Dated is never a good-look. But dated with style is very much so. This multi-family home puts a modern twist to a building constructed in 1895. Hence, the 19th century. With new windows and rejuvenated brick, the old stoop still stands. And there’s nothing like an old-fashioned stoop.

2. So Much Space

There are 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, and 3,049 square feet. This all for a whopping $750,000. Enough said.

3. Something Old, Something New

The kitchens having something old and something new to offer. It’s your pick. Out with the old, in with the new, or you could just keep it all. Offering variety is respectable.

4. The Game Room

The top floor is incredible. Not only is it edgy, and where you want it be, it also home to the recreation room

5. Floor Three

The third floor. A gable roof can seem a bit dated, but not when it looks like this on the inside. The skylights and the unthinkably tall ceilings add quality to the home.

6. The Outback

There’s plenty of room for parking. If you ever plan to invite over friends and family, let them know there’s space for almost everyone.

7. The Stairway to Below

The back deck probably wasn’t built over 100 years ago, so the perfectly blended, added touch is worth acknowledging.

8. Cuisine

The neighborhood. Bridgeport is on the city’s South Side and is one of the city’s most ethnically diverse neighborhoods. It’s cultural history has worked to leave a mark on Chicago cuisine. Great dining abounds.

9. The Potty-Rooms

The range of bathrooms listing from old to young isn’t a bad thing when the old looks as classy as these do.

10. Cash

You can do whatever you want with this property, like renting it out as apartments or as an Airbnb. Did we mention this is all for $750,000?