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Dreamy Modern Kitchens

Chicago has lots of sights to see, but it also has some of the best new kitchens on the market right now! Check out these gorgeous kitchens featuring open layouts and sleek cabinet designs.


1. 1225 W George St. – $3,995,000l05d4f245-w5xd-w1020_h770_q80

What We Love

The double island layout really opens up the space and provides ample room for cooking extravagant meals with lots of ingredients. Not to mention the silver cooking range is absolutely gorgeous!


2. 1754 W. Surf St. – $2,900,000



What We Love

This has an old but new feel. It’s a classic kitchen by appearance, but let’s not forget to note the cabinets galore! Featuring sleek silver handles and peek-a-boo cabinets up top, this kitchen looks almost too perfect to cook in!


3. 1112 W. Lill Ave. – $2,499,000


What We Love

Simple and plain. Sometimes all that flashy detail can get in the way, but here we see the benefits of keeping it simple. The glossy white cabinets really add to the glamour of this basic yet beautiful kitchen.


4. 1122 W. Wolfram St. – $1,999,000


What We Love

Talk about mood lighting. This open layout combines charm and elegance with a midnight trip to the fridge. We’re loving the open plate storage and extra long cabinets. This kitchen is also following the trend of stovetops on the island. Perfect for bringing the whole family together while cooking!


5. 1249 W. Dickens Ave. – $1,700,000


What We Love

A bit of an odd layout, but it’s always good to try something new. The three-stack drawer layout is a good fit for the long wall of cabinets to store a variety of dishes. A big notable feature has to be the double sink.


6. 2062 N. Hoyne Ave. – $2,490,000


What We Love

It’s a Mid-Century Modern spin-off! Though it may take some getting used to, this kitchen is really combining the old with the new. This looks like the perfect kitchen for those who indulge in the arts. A large open space with a mix-matched cabinet set up makes this one of the more unique kitchens in Chicago.


7. 3757 N. Wayne Ave. – $2,199,999



What We Love

Take away the kitchen appliances and you’ve got yourself a ballroom! The beautiful tiered ceiling and modern chandelier makes for a truly elegant feel in this large kitchen. We especially love the white symmetrical cabinets in combination with the dark wood floor.



8. 1223 W. Draper St. – $1,499,000


What We Love

Add a bit of color in your life. This orange pop of tile really lends to the artistic design of this kitchen layout. From the exposed light bulbs to the chevron wood floor boards, this small but mighty kitchen is more than meets the eye.


9. 2236 W. Ohio St. – $1,349,000


What We Love

For those looking for something a little more natural, this is the perfect kitchen for you! Giving a 1960s vibe with the cabinets, this earthy kitchen focuses more on big spaces than small ones. Check out the life size cabinets and the hidden refrigerator! A perfect blend of historic design and modern innovations.


10. 2415 W Moffat St. – $999,000


What We Love

No handles, no bulk. This kitchen is the definition of sleek. Featuring lengthy cabinets both wide and tall, this kitchen cut out the extra hardware and went au natural. The stainless steel cabinets up top are particularly popping in this modern kitchen.

Tim Padavic