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We all know that Chicago has beautiful homes. However, not every home in Chicago can be magazine ready. Some homes are neglected while others just haven’t the found the right owner to care for it.


Here are the UGLIEST homes in Chicago:


917 W 54th St


ugliest homes 1

ugliest homes 2

ugliest homes 3

If raccoons lived here, as suggested by the door, then it will explain the shape of this house. It has broken stairs, missing siding, crooked windows, missing paint, and a missing wall. Let this be a lesson never to sell a house to raccoons.


1054 E 93rd St


ugliest homes 4

ugliest homes 5

ugliest homes 6

Is this a bomb shelter or a home? Where are the windows? What happened to the bathroom wall? This home/bomb shelter leaves me with many questions. But one thing I’m certain is that it’s ugly.


6123 S Justine St


ugliest homes 7

ugliest homes 8

ugliest homes 9

Any house that has boarded up windows and police tape is destined to be ugly. But, not only is this house ugly it’s also gross. Weird splotches on the ceilings, dirt (or mold or blood) streaked on the sink, and peeling paint makes for a very ugly home.


7232 S Green St


ugliest homes 10

ugliest homes 11

ugliest homes 12

Dirty stairs and overgrown weeds put this house in the ugly category. But, the inside is worst. Holey walls, missing cabinets, and a dirty basement make it a champion of ugly homes.


5150 S Paulina St


ugliest homes 13

ugliest homes 14

ugliest homes 15

From the outside, this home seems…okay. However, as the saying goes, “never judge a book by its cover”. This house has the standard peeling paint and boarded windows. But, this home seems to have several sections ripped out of it. It has a ripped out tub, a missing section of ceiling, a missing wall, missing doorknobs, and a half a sink.

Kazare Joynes
Kazare Joynes is a freelance writer based in the United States. You can find more of her work at her website: