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Rapper, 50 Cent, has filed for bankruptcy and while he tries to convince he has too many monthly expenses, all of those expenses go towards maintaining his mansion in Hartford, Conn.

He spends $72,000 a month on this place. Is it worth it? NO. His monthly expenses includes forking up $5,000 for gardening.

Does 50 Cent even care that he has a garden?

The 48,500-square-foot mansion includes 18 bedrooms, 37 bathrooms and five whirlpool baths along with an outdoor basketball court.

In his statement he also stated that he has his cars include a 2010 Rolls Royce and a 1966 Chevrolet coupe.

Why doesn’t he sell some of these toys? No one knows.

Check out his Hartford mansion below: hc-50-cent-bankruptcy-costs-0803-001

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