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Rich Kids of Instagram – Luxury Lifestyle 2015

What’s better than living in a beachfront mansion? How about not paying for it? That’s how some very fortunate kids and young adults live every day. And in today’s constantly connected world, they can show off their bling for the entire world to see. A popular place to show off on the internet is Instagram. Check out the video above to see the rich kids of Instagram for yourself.

It starts off easy with a pile of money, probably several thousands of dollars. No big deal. Oh, and it’s sitting on two iPads if that weren’t enough. Then cue the casual helicopter photo-op. Can any of them fly it? There’s even a photo of a 2nd helicopter…accompanied by 18 luxury cars. It must be hard to choose which one to drive when there’s so many amazing choices. If traveling by car or helicopter wasn’t enough, there is a lovely photo of the interior of a private jet. Looks small, but probably costs more than a house! Don’t forget the vacation shots, with lounging on a yacht and jumping into a pool overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. There are also some photos of accessories, like a fancy gold watch (probably worth over $20,000), and a receipt for $11,638 from a jewelry store. There’s even some accompanying Instagram comments that imply that that kind of spending is not unusual for them.

Go ahead and live vicariously through these rich kids’ Instagram photos. If you squint really hard, you can pretend it’s you in the pictures!

To see where these kids probably live, check out our article on the 10 Best Cities for Luxury Real Estate in the United States. Chances are, they live in one of those cities. If you find them, maybe they’ll buy you a drink!

What hashtags do you think these rich kids of instagram use on their photos? Let us know in the comments below.

Tim Padavic