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Introducing: TFSB Mortgage app – The tool that will change the way real estate transactions work.

The Federal Savings Bank in Chicago has partnered with Pre Approve Me LLC to provide realtors, buyers and loan officers with a smartphone app that enables them to obtain loan pre-approvals within minutes. We’re talking minutes as in right in front of you in the palm of your hands.

Here’s why this app will change the real estate game for realtors and buyers:

Say a customer is looking to buy a home and they need the easiest option to see if they can afford the property. The TFSB Mortgage app gives the user the option to plug in numbers so they can see if they are qualified for a loan or not. The calculator allows the user to type in the purchase price of the home as well as the property taxes. The app then automatically calculates the amount of down payment and loan the customer needs in order to purchase the home.

Once everything is calculated, the app will conclude one of three options: Qualified, Not Qualified or Contact Loan Officer.


Not only does it make selling/buying a home easier for the realtor and client, but it makes the process quicker for your loan officer.

The app offers features such as:

  • A customized debt-to-income ratio calculator that inputs all relevant buyer info and assesses whether they qualify to buy a particular home.
  • A customized preapproval letter that can be ordered directly from the app, eliminating the buyer’s need to contact their loan officer.
  • A milestone tracker that updates buyers and real estate agents on the progress of the loan application.
  • A snap scanner function that enables buyers to use their smartphone camera to take pictures of any outstanding paperwork and converts it to a PDF for the loan officer.
  • A contact tab that puts buyers in touch with their real estate agent or loan officer.

With this app, buyers can see if they are qualified for their dream home right away. No more waiting game. Who has time to wait when looking for the perfect home, anyway?

Contact Tim Padavic, your Federal Savings Bank mortgage banker today by calling 773-744-7755 or email Tim at